Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its been a while

Well it's been a while since my last blog so I guess I will cathch you up on what's been going on. Hannah's leg has healed completely. Randy and I seperated in September. As a matter of fact we seperated just days before our 6 month wedding anniversary. We couldn't talk for several days and now we are going to try marriage counceling. If the counceling doesn't help our marriage and the court still says he can't be around the kids I will be filing for divorce. So as of right now Im living by myself and I really don't like it but oh well. I had the social worker over on Halloween. That was a lot of fun Trey threw a fit becuase I wouldn't turn on Jeff Dunham counting down got him to go into his room crying yelling at me from his room saying he hates me and I am mean. The girls also tried to throw a fit to stay in the room while we talked. The one thing I learned is that if I'm suppose to get the kids back it will happen in due time. My little sister will have her baby by Nivember 16. I'm so excited I love getting new nephews! When Shannon teaches me how to put pictures up I will blog about my crazy Halloween.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Poor Babay

I recieved a phone call last sunday from my ex saying Hannah sprained her ankle at church camp. He was complaining because she wouldn't put any pressure on her leg and insisted on crutches. On the 8th the Melgars and I got to take the Mitchells to dinner. We only had 2 hrs so we went to McDonalds. After we got inside I looked at hannahs leg if I knew how to put pictures from my phone on the computer I would show you the swelling DOnnie says to this day doesn't exist. With only have 2 hrs with them I couldn't take her to the hospital so I called my lawyer to get his advice on what I should do and waited for friday night to get her. Friday came and so did the kids and after I fed them dinner and got Trey and Mady settled I loaded Hannah up and headed for the hospital. We weren't there for long we signed in at 7:30 and they were casting her leg by 8:30. It was very clear that there was a break. It jumped out at you while lookong at the x-ray. While the dr was putting on the cast I called Donnie to let him know. He told me it was bs that he had taken her to the dr and the dr said it was a sprain and she should be off the crutches in a few days. He said the dr was full of it and im stupid for taking her after he already took her. While we waited at the hospital hannah had told the story about what had happened. She said she went to camp on the 1st and got unpacked went over the rules of camp and they went to play. SHe said she went down a water slide that didn't have enough water and fell and landed sitting on her leg. SHe said they gave her some pain meds at camp but made her hop 4 miles to all the other activities she had to do and to go eat. She said the next day the nurse called her dad and said she got hurt and needed to be picked up. SHe said that the nurse and only the nurse said it was a sprained ankle. SHe said she asked to go to the hospital but that her dad and step-mom said she was fine. They said that her ankle was suppose to look like that and whjen she asked why her right ankle looked smaller they said that something was wrong with it. She told me that they made fun of her the whole time and she said that everytime she asked for pain medicine they told her that they didn't have any for her but would give some to alyssa for the bug bites on her eyes. When hannah would asked about that medicine they told her she didn't need any. I called DOnnie to see if I could keep HAnnah tonight so I could take her to the dr he said no that he is perfectly capable of taking her himself. And then he wanted to go off with me favoriting Hannah over the others because MAdy has had an ear infection all her life and I never took her to the dr that I never got mady treatment and I had Hannah for only a few hrs and I rush her to the hospital. Well anyone that knows me would know that mady was going to the dr twice a month if not more because of her ears. I don't know how many times I had Mady at the hospital for her ears. Everytime I took the kids to the dr or hospital I always called donnie to let him know what was going on he just chose not to answer the phone most of the time. I don't favor my children I love them all equally!!! They know that will never change. All my life when i would be put under the scope I would always mess up somehow. Like voice,mails and phone converasations I would have with Donnie. He has a way of making me so mad I don't think before I speak but as far as making sure the kids are happy and healthy I have never gotten that wrong. I've known all Treys life he was going to have his tonsils removed and that he was adhd. I knew that Mady was going to have to have surgery on her ears when we would be able to get rid of the infection long enough to schedule the surgery. but I gues he thinks I'm just an idiot and don't know how to find out whats goin on in my childrens lives. If you go to a hospital they keep records of when you were checked in who you talked to what you were treated for the papers you signed and when you were dismissed. A long as you have ones full name,birthday,and social you can find out anything.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What the heck is going on?!

While I was at work Friday afternoon I received a phone call from Liberty Elementary. Mrs. Williams called me almost in tears apoligizing because Donnie came in with a court order saying he has custody of Hannah. Appearebtly we had court that morning and when I never showed up he won. I didn't show up because i never was notified. later that afternoon before I went to the lawyer I went to the post office to see if I had recieved anything certified mail and they handed me a copy of an envelope that was sent to 428 ralph st., my old apartment was at 438 Ralph st. So I go to the lawyers office and speak to the paralegal and she says that we can have the ruling on friday over turned and hopefully the judge will give me hannah and after we get that settled we will go fight for Madison. As it stands now I am to have no contact with the kids whatsoever. The paralegal spoke to his lawyer and he is willing to give me visitation of the kids and she is goiing to talk to him about giving Hannah back to me. She said I will have to pay $275 a month in child support on Trey and MAdison. I am not like my ex I am not scared of paying child support. I am waiting for a phone call back to see what she needs back from me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The New Apartment

Well we got most of our stuff in the apartment. It's hard to move and work and go to school . I'm sure I could have gottten done completely if I didn't work all day and have class at night. I love my new apartment. We have a ceiling fan in the living room I think we are the only ones with one because I have been told by several of our managers that we can't put a ceiling fan in an apartment that doesn't already have a light fixture and there are no apartments that have ceiling fans in them except for in the dining room. My medicine cabinet in the bathroom is really cool too. When you open it up it has tooth brush holders on the door. I hae never seen anything like it. The closets are bigger also. There are more counter space , more drawers in the kitchen and more under the counter cabinets that are wider than the old apartment. But I have found a down fall. The is no electric outlet in the bathroom. I got up the other morning to get ready for work and spent 5 minutes looking for a freaking plug so I can straighten my hair. I gave up and had to do it in my room, in the dark because Randy was sleeping. I couldn't really see what I was doing so my hair was frizzy before lunch that day. We had are first party in the apartment last night. Trey's birthday is on the 17 so we got a small cake and a few presents called the Melgars and Abby and had a party. that apartments isn't big enough for parties. The kids had a blast. They went crazy running around the living room and up and down the stairs. It was great. Randy and I were exhausted but they had fun. I don't know why he was so exhausted he hid at the neighbors after cake was served. Luke got his first taste of birthday cake. And he loved it!!! I will have to get shannon to post pictures for me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Well It's Started.

On Tuesday afternoon we were told that we could start moving in to the new apartment. Yeah we get to move!!! I was so excited I called Shannon and she tells me that Brendan had a concert that night and since mom was sick that I got to drive. Oh man I just want to move. Well it was a wonderful concert the kids sounded great Mr. Jenkins is really funny. Hannah and I got home right at 8 oclock. Well bath and bed time but we have to move furniture just so that can happen. so Hannahs room was the to be moved and set up and then we moved the bathroom and then the living room mine and Rands room and a little bit of the kitchen. We still have food, clothes hanging up in the closet, the toys box the shoe closet and christmaas closet along with two dressers and we will be done. My kids are going to be busy this Saturday.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Stupid Apartments!

Last friday I went to the manager of my apartments to discuss transfering to a smaller apt. I was told to come back monday morning and they will have one ready for me. I went back monday and was told to come back tuesday. Tuesday thay said we have an apt but it won't be ready until friday. So Friday I went in to talk to her and she said the only thing we were waiting for was the cleaning ladies to come finish up. While I was sitting in her office she called them and arranged for them to come out either later that afternoon or Saturday morning. When she got off the phone She looked at randy aand I and said you will be moving in no later than 12 oclock on Saturday. Well Saturday morning came and I was up at 7 packing and cleaning. I got Randy up for work and once he left I started moving all the bedroom furniture into the living and dining room. I called to get a truck lined up and was trying to see who I could call last minute to help the couch big dresser and t.v. stand because those are the only things I can't move on myown. I called the office at 10:30 to make sure everything was still kosher but no answer. I thought maybe since there was only one person that works on saturdays that she was either very busy or off property. So I called 30 minutes later and still no answer. I went to check the mail at 11:30 and no one was in the office. 12 oclock came around and still no answer. When Randy got off work at 2 he was taking the trash out and saw a neighbor in our new breezeway and was told that the cleaning ladies came to clean the apartment but it wass locked and couldn't get anyone to answer their calls. So now I have all my furniture sitting in my living room and dining room. When Randy came home last night he told me that since I jumped the gun I had to put everything back because basketball was on and he needed to be able to sit comfortably for the game. So I rolled hannahs t.v. stand into her room and said her you go. Well Hannahs t.v. doesn't get channel 11 so he had to adjust things in the living room by himself. I was nice enough to pull a mattress into the bedroom so we could sleep comfortable last night. Tomorrow I will be working all day long and as soon ass I get off work I will have to head straight to school. I hop my husband loves me enough to start hauling stuff to the new apartment if we have access to it tomorrow.

My poor sister

My sister is going to have her hands full while Oscars gone. I must say that I'm very proud of her. She is driving herself around town and only needs me when she has no other choice but to get on the highway. Today we had church and was happy to see the melgars there. She did so good at getting them all up and to church on time. See when Oscars home they are always late unless for some reason they have an appointment before church starts. Today I guess Shannon was going to be on time whether Zander liked it or not because she let him go to church in his pajamas. I'm talking his dads shirt pajama pants and flip flops. When anyone asked why he was still in pajamas her response was at least he is still brething. I would have taken a picture but I didn't think I would have needed my camera at church. I don't think Zander is going to survive his dads tour. Zander comes up with new things to drive shannon crazy every time Oscars gone for more than a day or two. He is such a daddy's boy he can't function without his dad.