Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its been a while

Well it's been a while since my last blog so I guess I will cathch you up on what's been going on. Hannah's leg has healed completely. Randy and I seperated in September. As a matter of fact we seperated just days before our 6 month wedding anniversary. We couldn't talk for several days and now we are going to try marriage counceling. If the counceling doesn't help our marriage and the court still says he can't be around the kids I will be filing for divorce. So as of right now Im living by myself and I really don't like it but oh well. I had the social worker over on Halloween. That was a lot of fun Trey threw a fit becuase I wouldn't turn on Jeff Dunham counting down got him to go into his room crying yelling at me from his room saying he hates me and I am mean. The girls also tried to throw a fit to stay in the room while we talked. The one thing I learned is that if I'm suppose to get the kids back it will happen in due time. My little sister will have her baby by Nivember 16. I'm so excited I love getting new nephews! When Shannon teaches me how to put pictures up I will blog about my crazy Halloween.

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